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SOLUX solar flaslight with PV panel

Getting light
from solar flashlights

Papillon solar cooker

Cooking without fuel
with a solar cooker

Meshwork for collecting potable water from fog and rain

Providing fresh water
from fog and rain with meshwork

fuel efficient cooker SAVE80

Reducing fuel by cooking
with fuel efficient cookers

dry toilet in Afghanistan

Improving sanitation
with dry toilets

small hypopower station (Universität Siegen)

Producing electricity
in off-grid regions
with small hydropower stations

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»Sometimes it needs only a few things and some knowledge to improve living conditions for many people in developing countries.

We want to create a platform where you can find knowledge about simple and efficient technologies – as open source.«

Rolf Schwermer

Radio transmission about tecbase.org in German

broadcasted 7. May 2010


Parts of tecbase.org

Why – the Idea What is the idea, the conception to create the tecbase.org platform?

What – Materials – Here you will find the main content of tecbase.org: descriptions, construction manuals, user manuals, fact sheets and so on about simple and efficient technologies.

What for – Topics All the materials are related to specific topics. Here you can look for materials presented by topics.

Communicate! will be a communication platform, where you can exchange your experiences with simple and efficient technologies and where you can find experts.